Disney World January 2013

Animal Kingdom


We have 6 full days here in Orlando and we talked about going to Disney, Universal Studios, and Legoland. That’s a lot of amusement park to conquer in that time frame but we think* we are up to the challenge. Max studied a guide book that we borrowed from the library and we had decided a rough schedule for each day before we left. But it was in the car when we discussed more specifically which attractions were considered Don’t Miss events.

Don’t Miss #1: Everest.


Max remembered this roller coaster from our last Disney trip in 2009, and he couldn’t wait to go on it again. It is one of the best attractions in Disney World, in my opinion.


After arriving at Animal Kingdom when the gates opened, we walked directly to Everest and only stood in line for about 20 minutes. Max was excited!

Until thirty seconds into the ride.

As soon as the coster made its first climb, his excitement turned to terror. I looked back expecting a huge smile across his face but instead his head bowed and he was answering Nana, assuring her that he’d be okay as soon as he got off.

When the ride stopped, he said he was glad his life was spared.

Okay, so roller coasters no longer topped the Don’t Miss List.


The rest of the day at Animal Kingdom was perfect. The weather was nice and the crowds weren’t bad for a Saturday. We waited a good while for the safari ride but we all agreed it was worth it. Max had so much fun taking pictures and Mini loved all the animals.

IMG_0079 IMG_0062

We had pizza for lunch then headed over to the kiddie rides for a while.





After the Finding Nemo show (loved it) we took a peek at some more animals, and headed home by 3:45.


Mini was so tired that her “bottom was falling down.”

It happens to the best of us.

We talked about going over to Magic Kingdom that night for the parade but all of our bottoms were dragging. Turns out “pajamas by 9:00” beat out the electrical parade as a “don’t miss.”


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