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Pre-Vacation Quiz


1. T or F – we only have 3 days left – less than 72 hours – before we leave for a fun-filled week at Disney World!

2. T or F – I have prepared for said vacation by reading umpteen Berenstain Bears books in waiting rooms, making 5 copays to various doctors offices and pharmacies, scheduled follow-ups around holiday schedules, commenced use of an inhaler for a newly diagnosed asthmatic in the family, started antibiotics for an ear infection, nursed fevers, and tossed and turned night after night worried about my sweet but pitiful sleepless, coughing girl.

3. T or F – I am ready for this vacation!

You are right if you said True for every question. That last one is a trick, though. While I’m ready for this vacation in SO many ways, I am not ready for this vacation at all.

p.s. Mini is on the mend. And we’re all really excited about Disney World. We even played this game to get ready. Lots of laughs and good times.

DSC_1762 DSC_1754

For not being able to read, Mini did a great job matching the cards. But some of her guesses were pretty funny to Max.





2 thoughts on “Pre-Vacation Quiz

  1. Love this post. šŸ™‚ And YAY for Disney! So sorry about the asthma thing – we deal with that too. And…we also love Apples to Apples! Have you played Bubble Talk? It’s similar to A2A, but you match quotes to pictures. It is hysterical. Might be hard for Mini until she can read, but tons of fun! Hope you all have an awesome trip!

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