What I Got for Christmas



I got a new lens for my camera!


Mike took these pictures of the kids himself (nothing says Merry Christmas like a husband who surprises you with a piece of technology AND puts it together for you). (I love when he assembles stuff.) (The lens didn’t really need assembly, no; but I still liked it.) (Plus he did this while I was taking a nap on Christmas morning.)

I am having a lot of fun with the lens (and my Nikon D3100 for Dummies book that I asked for my birthday).

Merry Christmas!

(more Christmas pictures to come)

P.S. Did you see my new blog header? We’re ready for January. Well, I’m not. But the blog is.



5 thoughts on “What I Got for Christmas

  1. That’s like the lens I have for my camera and I absolutely love it! You’re gonna have so much fun, especially with those super photogenic subjects 🙂

  2. Oh…and I really like your new header! It’s so fun to be able to change things like that occasionally, isn’t it? Makes it feel like a whole new blog. I use PicMonkey.com, have you tried that?–it’s free.

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