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Christmas Day


The kids were up at 6:45 a.m. and Max is fully dressed, which is what you might call uncharacteristic. Christmas morning is special and is full of traditions. According to Max, it is a  tradition to wear his Christmas sweater on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We had a dusting of snow on Christmas Eve (yay! White Christmas!) which meant the sweater got wet and muddy but I washed and dried it at midnight just for him. Because it was his “tradition.” I must love that boy.

The kids were so happy with the stuff Santa brought them. Max commented that he was glad Santa followed the tradition of getting him a Wii game. Mini was excited over every little thing but especially happy with her Build-a-Bear Workshop stuff.


She also loved the Snoopy and probably didn’t even remember how much she wanted him the day we put one in the Operation Christmas Child shoebox. But it still filled me (I mean Santa) with joy that she got it.

Just a few minutes later we opened gifts under the tree.

I decided to try my luck with Max this year and give him clothing.

Lesson learned: if it’s not a green Christmas sweater, a pair of Caps gloves, or an Angry Birds hat, he is not very enthusiastic.

So we’ll just hang onto this memory, instead.


Mike brought that home from a gift exchange this year. He even stole it from someone else in the circle. Isn’t he a great dad?

The kids got so many wonderful things from aunts, uncles, grandparents, and birth families. Including some cash to spend on our upcoming trip (I’ll tell you about it in a second).

But here are a couple of hints.

Anna bought Mini a Belle doll to go with her other princesses.


And Max got a Lego calendar.


And I made this countdown thingy. (thanks Missy for the idea I stole from you!)


We’re going to Florida!

Pops & Nana are taking us on a road trip to visit Disney World, Legoland and Universal.

Woohoo! Road Trip!


Can you tell I’m having fun with my new lens?

We may get to use this gift card on the way (a surprise from the C. family – who are among the majority of you Southerners/Soutwesterners/Coloradans lucky enough to have Sonics in your hometown. Our closest one is an hour away).:(

I also got my favorite calendar, in case you were wondering (I know you were).


Except for the one year that it was sold out (!) I have had this calendar every year since I was in college.

I love these characters, they make me smile.

I guess I have quirky traditions too.


I fixed breakfast (eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls out of a can–I really want to try Pioneer Woman’s but I couldn’t find maple flavoring at my grocery store. Do you need it? Oh well, the canned cinnamon rolls are a tradition, says Max.)

After breakfast, I zonked out and took a long nap. It was wonderful! My mom came over at lunch time with a homemade lasagne and we tossed a salad, made garlic bread, and I baked a chocolate pudding cake for dessert.*

*Mike has been complaining for days that we have too many desserts in the house. I completely agree. So naturally I needed to bake the cake. And buy some ice-cream to go with it.

We had an enjoyable day with Grammy. I practiced with my new lens and got a picture of her with the kids. I love it.


It was a quiet – but really nice – Christmas this year. I hope you all had a wonderful day, too.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Day

  1. I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe for cinnamon rolls for every bazillion dozen that I sold through my home bakery. At first I used the maple-coffee icing (and it was very delish), but then I switched to using a mixture of powdered sugar, water, vanilla, and a pinch of salt. My customers like the icing so much that they would ask for extra.

  2. What a great Christmas–I love traditions and also naps. 🙂 I thought about making Pioneer Womans’s rolls but just couldn’t get myself together to whip them up. When I made them before I used maple flavor and coffee once and then vanilla, so I think you could leave it out or substitute another flavor.

    1. AND…have fun (which I KNOW y’all will) at all things Disney & Universal & Lego–can’t wait to hear about it–and be sure to fill up at all the Sonics you come across on your drive–being an hour away is much too far. 🙂

  3. We made the PW’s cinnamon rolls and they are wonderful. We did use maple extract (but not coffee), but I think you could even do powdered sugar and a little milk and the rolls would be good. I did cut down A LOT on the butter because last year’s batch seemed to be swimming in it.

    My son has the same Angry Birds hat! It makes some great photos. 🙂

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