Christmas Eve


After coming home from the Christmas Eve service, we made a big bowl of popcorn & m&m’s and sat as a family on the couch. Mini got up to have a seat directly in front of the fire.

What? You don’t see a fireplace? A beautiful mantle where our stockings are hung with care?


Sure you do. It’s a beautiful virtual roaring fire on the 9″ dvd player, thanks to the magic of Disney and our friends Phineas & Ferb.

Good enough.

We sat as a family and finished the bowl of popcorn and m&m’s in front of the fire.

Max said he had this planned since last year. 🙂

Next, we put out a generous portion of cookies and milk for Santa (and exactly 2 baby carrots for hungry Rudolph)


Rushing around to do everything on the “must-do” list for Christmas Eve, Mini wrote a letter to Santa.

She wrote, “Dear Santa Clause, i w toys i l u”

To translate, it says, “Dear Santa Clause, I want toys. I love you.”

Good enough.


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