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Adoption Day


The newly crowned (glittery construction-papered crowned) princess was all smiles about her Adoption Day plans. After picking up Daddy from work, we were going to have lunch at the food court, then pop over to Build A Bear Workshop to stuff, fluff, and dress a special friend to take home.

Our family went on this same outing for Max’s Adoption Day when he was 5 years old. To this day when he picks up his koala bear “Aussie” he says something reminiscent about it. I remember that Adoption Day fondly, too. He was so cute!

picture 060

picture 086

I think a trip to BABW is a perfect way for a younger child to celebrate Adoption Day. That is my public service announcement, thank you for listening.

We had so much fun as a family. I was proud and excited about the way both kids acted in the store. Max brought his own money to buy his slightly obsessed-over Star Wars Angry Bird stuffed animal, but when we got to the mall, he was relaxed and charming about Mini’s big day. We told Mini that she could choose an outfit and shoes, which she did right away without begging for more.

She chose an Aurora dress so that her her bears could play dress-up. When Mini was born, her birth parents gave her a BABW bear and Anna gave her a Cinderella outfit (with the cutest glass slippers) last year for Christmas.

Mini chose the Aurora outfit, picked a pink and purple bear, and waited for her turn to stuff the bear with love. OH my goodness, it was the cutest thing.

She was shy at first but warmed up quickly and participated in all the cute rituals before the stuffing and sewing of her new friend. She got into it all – giving Elizabeth (sweet name) an air bath, brushing her fur, giggling over the little bear undies for sale (we couldn’t resist getting a pair of pink ones), dressing her up, and filling out the birth certificate.

(by the way, it used to be called an adoption certificate. I wonder why they changed it?)

Please forgive me for the crazy number of pictures. But as you can tell, she loves her bear and we had the best time as a family.

























8 thoughts on “Adoption Day

  1. I love this so much! Love her sweet princess crown (and Max’s “Awesome Kid” visor). πŸ™‚ Wait….SURELY she’s not 5 already?? Happy Adoption Day to you all!

  2. Happy Adoption Day! I teared up about a lot of things. Love you all. πŸ™‚

    Since Mini is almost 5 and Anna is 22, I can be known by my real name instead of A’s Mom. πŸ™‚

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