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Popcorn & smoothies for dinner on the eve of my birthday. I was voted the best mom ever.


How can it get better after that compliment? It did. Today was filled with the little things that make me most happy. Little surprises, sweet words of affection, making plans as a family for the day ahead while everyone is content, peaceful, and eating breakfast. When we’re not late or in a rush, breakfast is my favorite time of the day.


Then there was a phone call to my niece who shares the same birthday (love that), time spent with friends this morning at a nursing home outreach (with the kids dressed up in their holiday cuteness), lunch at the food court, and a trip to Krispy Kreme (just because) in between errands.


As soon as we got home, instead of jumping into school work like usual, Max said he would give me the day off. Then he asked if he could play Wii while I relaxed. Wasn’t that nice of him? 😉

I checked FB for the first time all day and was happy, happy, happy to see all the messages. Loved it.

Also, the nice lady at Krispy Kreme learned that it was my birthday (because I told her, of course) and without my knowledge, she put an extra custard-filled chocolate donut in the box. That was certainly a nice surprise and a fun activity to eat two donuts, one after another, while I read Facebook birthday wishes.

Emotional eater? Me?

I’ll pay for that later, I know.

Then the doorbell rang and my mom came over to drop off more surprises and the mailman brought a few wonderful things, as well. So fun.

When Mike came home we had dinner and played Uno and had a cup stacking competition (this is what happens when you work in youth ministry) afterwards until we were ready for dessert. Earlier we decided to have milkshakes from Chick-fil-A instead of cake. That was a really good decision.




One that I’ll be paying for, I know. Don’t remind me!



4 thoughts on “38

  1. Special birthday memories! What a fun day. Keep the celebration going. It’s your b-day week and you deserve it! Happy Birthday!

  2. Hooray for celebrating your special day all day long and with a parade of treats :)!! Don’t worry about later either. 🙂

    I agree with your Grammy, keep the festivities going. Happy, happy!!

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