Jesse Tree Exchange

This summer my sister coordinated a Jesse Tree ornament exchange. Twenty-four ladies responded to her email and picked from a list of 25 symbols for the Advent, agreeing to make 25 ornaments to share with others.

There were 24 ladies instead of 25 because one amazing woman did two (that means she made 50 ornaments in total).

I’m not very artistic when it comes to sewing or painting and that sort of thing, so I picked Day 8: Tablet with Numbers (The 10 Commandments). I figured I could do something creative with scrapbook paper or something, and my sister assured me it didn’t matter what it looked like. The ornament would be part of a set that would be a blessing to a family, no matter what.

When I received my set in the mail (the exchange was at my sister’s house in NC) I gasped. This is what my set looks like. I CAN’T WAIT to begin our family devotions for Advent, anticipating the birth of our savior. This is the first year we’ve done a Jesse Tree, and I’ve heard from so many friends that this is such a great thing for kids. I’m excited!

A big thank you to my sister for coordinating the exchange! I love these ornaments SO much.


5 thoughts on “Jesse Tree Exchange

  1. These are all fabulous! What a blessing these are, you are right as well as a blessing to share this tradition with your family.

  2. I love the idea of doing an exchange–it’s a win win! Maybe I can organize something for next year (we have paper ornaments from Ann Voskamp’s download a few years ago–but hey, I used glitter!) 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for participating Anna! The set is so beautiful as are the ladies and their families who made the ornaments. Love you.

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