I Got Him

So, my little prank on Mike worked. He didn’t notice that I skipped numbers on the list (you didn’t notice, either?) which totally busted him for skimming on a post ABOUT HIM. Plus it made him laugh when I told him. That’s two points for me, if we were keeping score on who is the funnier spouse.  That’s enough to put me only two thousand points behind. I’ll keep trying.

I wanted to share pictures of Mike’s birthday. It started off with gathering the kiddos yesterday to make gigantic large print coupons for his 40th birthday (old man). I asked them to come up with service coupons to show love toward Dad. His love language is Quality Time, but Acts of Service is a close second.

Plus, after taking a peek at his wish list I knew he had on Amazon, I figured that coupons were way more exciting than a stack of theology books. At least coming from us!

I like how one of Max’s coupons was for him to be taken to the movies. Nice! His others were funny too – play Wii with him, watch Avengers together, and go get Mom’s present (which is clearly my favorite).

I think Mini truly understood the service coupon concept. She was willing to not just help Dad the next time Mike had mow the grass, but she was going to do the entire job for him.

I don’t even do that.

Please don’t put mowing the grass on my Honey Do list, Mike.

Anyway, sadly there wasn’t a lot of hoopla for Mike’s big day. He doesn’t need any hoopla for his birthday, but I’m quite the opposite. But what could I do? He has a big paper due this weekend. (Seminary, you’re killing me! But yay – only two more years! Still, you’re killing me!)

So we celebrated early by having breakfast at IHOP. We’re not regular IHOP customers but the kids really, really like it for some reason.

Personally, it makes me nervous with Mini’s nut allergy because there’s butter pecan syrup right there on the table and they have a lot of menu items with nuts, but we explain her allergy to the waitress and things are always okay.

I know it’s risky, but I think it’s good to take Mini to restaurants where she will grow up knowing how to tell the waiter or waitress about her allergy. It will only be more important when she’s older and graduates from the kid’s menu.

But today she ordered the smiley face pancake with bananas, strawberries, and a Gogurt and Max ordered a Belgian waffle that he only took two bites of. He’s coming down with a cold.

That explains why I was not the only one who fell asleep after we got home.

We took it easy for the rest of the day and Mike worked on his paper at his office. That gave us the time to accomplish our secret mission to make him some sort of cake for his birthday.  Mike’s not a big cake person, but I felt like it was a necessary part of my kid’s happy childhood to make him something with a candle to blow out.

It was, indeed. Mini and I made him cupcakes, with homemade buttercream frosting, and we decorated a plate for it.  We went all fancy with Hershey’s syrup and sprinkles.

Then, after a gourmet meal of vegetable soup, we turned out the lights, lit the candle, and Max played Happy Birthday on the keyboard (he didn’t play it, he found the song on the programmed list. It was like a jazzy piano lounge in our kitchen tonight!)

Oh, it was awesome. The kids were so excited.

This picture proves that Mike, the funnier spouse for sure, gave all he had to give in to our need for a little hoopla. Just a little.


2 thoughts on “I Got Him

  1. Those coupons are sooo sweet and thoughtful (hopefully mowing the lawn won’t be too hard :), I’m sure Mike LOVED them & y’all’s celebration. I thought it was funny you caught him skimming–his birthday list–haha.

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