Our Thanksgiving was really nice. The turkey turned out great (although I think last year’s Butterball was better than this year’s Target) and the sides were delicious. I kept things simple with tried and true recipes for green beans and mashed potatoes. My mom made the best sweet potato casserole (Paula Deen’s recipe) and brought the dressing and gravy (I’m scared of making gravy). Then my stepmom and stepsister brought delicious salads, so we were set. We had apple crisp and chocolate pie for dessert. I asked my dad what kind he would like and his answer was “yes.”

That pretty much sums up my plate, too – I said yes to everything and enjoyed it all. Especially the company and the love that filled our home tonight.

So thankful for:

my little family

a chance to spend time with extended family

laughter and good times

the blessing of having lots of food at our table.

Max’s help with cooking the turkey

Mini’s excitement over the littlest things

Mike’s carving skills (I was mad at first that he insisted on clearing TWO counters beforehand, though! So inconvenient while I was hurrying to do last-minute prep in our small kitchen! But, ohhh. He was all biz with the carving, and isn’t watching a man carve a turkey attractive? Is it just me?) (So I forgave him.)

for our good health

even better, for my dad’s good health AND the snazzy Dr. Huxtable sweater he’s wearing

for cousins who have the best time together

witnessing moments of male bonding

female bonding

intellectually stimulating conversations

Or not

and football games that end with big smiles and a thumb’s up

It was a fantastic Thanksgiving.

Hope yours was memorable, too.


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