Falling for a 40 Year Old

A little birdie gave me some information that shocked me to my core. Mike skims my blog. SKIMS it. I say “did you read my post about ______”

He says, “yeah, I skimmed it.”

Okay, there was no little birdie. Mike told me himself.

The nerve!!

For his 35th birthday, I wrote a list of 35 things that I love about him. I can’t believe it, but suddenly he is turning 40 tomorrow. And I thought maybe I could do something special for his birthday, like I did last yearย  5 years ago.

A list of 40 things I love about Mike.


1. He makes me laugh. In the picture above, he is trying to read the label of a tiny box of candy that friends brought us from Japan. “Does it have nuts in it?” He attempts to translate.

2. Plays the guitar. Was one of those things I wanted in a husband. Not a deal-breaker if he didn’t. But something I wanted. And I got!

3. True to his word.

4. Serious and silly, the best of both.

5. Smart.

6. Generous.

7. Not easily angered.

9. Loving.

10. Honest.

11. Driven.

12. Disciplined.

13. Content.

14. The best dad.

15. Patient husband

16. Doesn’t criticize, isn’t overly sarcastic

17. Committed.

18. Makes me feel secure

19. Good with money

20. Sensible

21. Relaxed

22. Respectful

23. Respected

24. Finishes what he sets out to do

25. Explains things easily

28. Takes the high road

29. My best friend

30. Doesn’t complain

32. Careful with his words

33. Knows me inside and out and still loves me

34. Real

35. Sincere

36. Listens and allows his heart to change, if needed

37. Leads me and our family well

38. Loves with a sacrificial type of love

39. Remembers details that I forget

40. Laughs at my silly sense of humor. Okay. Chuckles?

I love you, Mike. You’re the perfect match for me and I love the man that you were when we got married 16 years ago, and I love the man that you are today. You’re all these things I mentioned and so much more. Being your wife makes me so happy.

Happy Birthday, Babe!


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