Sincere Thoughts on Being a Mom


About a month ago I started a new chore system in our house.

It’s random. It may not be the most efficient way to get it all done. But they pick a popsicle stick every day and they do that chore (or learn how to do that chore). They are vacuuming the stairs, wiping blinds, scrubbing toilets, dusting lamps, emptying ice cube trays, collecting toys for charity, washing windows, cleaning Mom & Dad’s shower, etc. etc.

We sat down one day and wrote everything down that Mom does. They came up with a long list pretty fast.

At least they noticed?

From the list, the chores that I knew they could handle independently or after some training, I wrote down on popsicle sticks. They’ve always had a good attitude about chores but definitely waited for me to ask them to do them. My goal here was to teach them how to do all the chores and to work hard on one chore at a time. ย The randomness just makes it a game. The pirate cup just makes it even more fun. Ahoy, matey.

And you know what? It totally works. They’ve had a great attitude about it and this system has helped me, too.

It’s much easier to teach them how to do one chore at a time, instead of two or three. For some reason, “Go clean all four toilets” is much easier to handle than “Clean one bathroom” where they have to do five or six steps.

We do have four toilets. It’s a love/hate thing for me.

They continue to do their daily chores (Max takes care of the recycling and stays up on all his own stuff, and Mini does silverware and cleans her own toys and room, too.) Then they have to do a “popsicle” chore, as they have called them. So far it’s working without much pushback. Especially since we have been watching less TV these days, and their only TV time is given if the popsicle chores are finished.

Just wanted to share how our system is going. A month in, and the new idea is still a good one.

Who would’ve thought? Shiver me timbers!


3 thoughts on “Chores

  1. Great idea! Teaching and/or having them do one job at a time is so much easier (for everyone) instead of being overwhelmed by several jobs–so smart–and less stressy. I need to do this!

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