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Blog Catch-Up

We have no damage and still have power, so we are counting our blessings this morning. Mike went into work and, at first glance, there is no major damage to the church either. Other than the fact that the construction area is a lake of muddy water and the port-a-john blew over.

Aren’t you glad not to be the person who has to stand the port-a-potty back up? I am. One more blessing to count today.


We’re enjoying a lazy day here at home. We did school yesterday and I also managed to get a ton of stuff done around the house. I cooked three hot meals, put away all the laundry I did on Sunday, and continued to make ice in case we needed to use a cooler if we lost electricity. But today? I’ve done nothing. It’s now 3 p.m. and I’m still in my pajamas.

But I still feel so productive in a not-productive sort of way. Ice, anyone?


I feel the need to catch up on the blog with pictures. Here are some of my recent favorites of the kids, in no particular order.

There was a pumpkin decorating contest at Awana last week. I like how hard he worked on his Angry Bird! Every year we have this contest, I’m reminded of pumpkins past. I’m glad to see how his eye for detail has improved since Kindergarten.

Mini came home with a pumpkin from the contest, one that was made by our director. She fell in love with the Hello Kitty!

Max invited friends to come with us to Awana and they are coming every week! Theme nights like the pumpkin decorating contest make it so fun and welcoming for friends. I was always so shy about asking friends to come to church when I was a kid. I admire his confidence and outgoing personality!

One of his best buddies, A. I love this picture for so many reasons.

On my to-do list is to begin a scrapbook with pictures from Max being in the hospital four months ago. I got my order of 75 plus photos from Shutterfly and I’m going to put his cards, printouts of Facebook comments, and other reminders in the album, too. I really want to start this soon but I know it’s going to be tough in some ways. I cried really hard when I looked through the photos (even though I’ve looked through them on the computer many times). Holding them in my hands gave me a different kind of feeling.

Also, sadly, I lost my Lisa Leonard necklace that has E320 inscribed on it. I know it’s just a material thing and can easily be replaced, but still. I hate losing things.

You know who else hates to lose things?

Barbie’s Ken.

He lost his head not too long ago and Max saw that as an opportunity to get a few laughs.

Kendiana Jones


Hey, look at that – a Halloweenish way to end this post. The kids are so excited about tomorrow night! Max is going as Jack Sparrow and Mini will be SuperGirl. Can’t wait!


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