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Hurricane Sandy

On Saturday I went to the grocery store in fear that I was too late to stock up on the essentials for this predicted major storm. The bottled water shelves were emptied but there was plenty of bread, milk, and toilet paper.

Originally I typed toilet papers and I couldn’t stop laughing. Toilet papers. OH STOP IT.

Clearly I’ve been stuck inside for too long.

Anyway, I bought plenty of groceries and for the rest of the day we prepared our house for Frankenstorm that was headed our way.

Frankenstorm is cute, but why didn’t they just call it Horrorcane Sandy? That’s what Mini is calling it, and I think she’s onto something. Who’s in charge of these nicknames?

Anyway, here in suburban Maryland, it started raining hard overnight and the winds have picked up but nothing at all like we feared would happen. Our power hasn’t gone out but it just started flickering. Up until now, we’ve pretty much enjoyed a nice day home together as a family with all the amenities that electricity offers.

Of course, we take breaks to watch live newscasts that you can’t find on TV.  Check out the latest here at Sincerely Anna, exclusively.

You can see it’s a doozy of a horrorcane from News Reporter Max’s viewpoint from our back deck.

And here’s News Reporter Mini’s take on the storm.

by the way, who is Jake and why does his sock smell stinky and good?

….and don’t worry, Max is taking geography this semester. Obviously.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy

  1. I love the nickname “Horrorcane Sandy!” Way to go, Mini. I just heard the newscasters call it “Super Storm Sandy” because it no longer qualifies as a hurricane, but is still a dangerous storm. Enjoyed both the live newscasts. Very entertaining!

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