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What I Learned Last Weekend

1. If you’re gonna go to a corn maze, go with someone who is SO EXCITED about going to! a! corn maze! It will be more fun, guaranteed.

I’m not wild about corn mazes. I don’t put corn mazes in the category of Anna’s Type of Fun.

2. Four/Five Year-Olds are truly the funniest kids on the planet. These two cheerfully complained about sore, tired legs after the long hike through the maze (which wasn’t long at all, even by my own anti-corn-maze standards). Their poor legs. They needed a cool down stretch afterwards.

We went as a family with our high school group. The kids love being with them every chance they get.

3. I also re-learned something: how glad I feel that we’re in full-time ministry. Can’t believe it’s been four years already. I always love watching Mike with the youth group. All the leaders are incredible. We are so blessed at our church with leaders who are called to work with teens, who make the time for it, and just do a fantastic job. It was amazing to watch them the other night. Later on, we got together for a bonfire with all the youth and their families. I like that we do things this way.

ha! these kinds of pictures always make me giggle.


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