Stories about Emmie

It Was Only a Matter of Time

She fell off the monkey bars about two weeks ago. I took her to urgent care and the doctor thought it was a sprain. But then last weekend her attempt to do a cartwheel left her in tears. I took her back for an x-ray and it’s not broken, but there is a bruise on the bone.

99% of the time she acts as if nothing is wrong. Pre-cartwheel she was fine except for the occasional ouch when something would hit her wrist. Even the next morning, she was back to normal. In the waiting room, she was climbing all over the seats. Playing as if we were there because it was a rainy day and we had no where else to have fun.

Not frustrating at all.

We waited a long time for the doctor. When the doctor looked at her wrists, she commented to me that she saw some swelling in a certain spot. She gently poked and touched her arm in different places and Mini wasn’t giving her any notes. She then asked where it bothered her the most. Mini said, “just where I have swelling.”

That sounded really funny coming from a 4 year old.


One thought on “It Was Only a Matter of Time

  1. That sounds EXACTLY like a story about myself!!! I was in the 4th Grade and on the monkey bars! I fell off an didn’t even cry (I was MAJORLY dramatic so this was weird lol). They called my mom and I went home for the day. The next day I did exactly like Mini, I didn’t show any pain my mom thought I was fine besides the occasional “ouch”. She took me to dance class and I did cart wheels after each one I told her how bad it hurt. She thought I was faking and took me to the Dr. come to find out it was hairline fractured. haha My mom to this day feels guilty she didn’t take me earlier 😉

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