Stories About Jake

Two Thumbs Up

5 boys, 1 mom.

Matinee. Birthday. Husband sick.

5 boys. 1 mom.

No problem. So much fun.

A little expensive, yes. It’s the movies. $60 for popcorn and Cokes. But. Way cheaper than their birthday party package. And. Easiest party ever.


The cake was just-right sweet. The cupcakes? Mmm. The marshmallows with the shimmer dust tasted like Peeps. Yes, please, and thank you.

The movie was funny. I loved it. They loved it. I know Mike would’ve loved it. Too bad he had a cold.

And Mini had a special day out with Grammy.

She came home with a Barbie purse and ate chocolate cake with candy when she arrived. It’s not so bad being the little sister.

So yep. A great birthday party.

Who has two thumbs and had a good time?

This guy.

Happy Birthday, Bud.



2 thoughts on “Two Thumbs Up

  1. I LOVE, LOVE your adorable cupcakes!! And Brad was “Wowed” by your cake. He even asked, “Who made it?” It sounds like the movie party was a great success. Happy Birthday Max!

  2. Kara and I went to see Hotel Transylvania on Friday. LOVED it! SO cute. All the birthday trimmings, so cute too! I love your “who has 2 thumbs” quote. You’re SO in! XOXO

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