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Coming Attraction

Today we’re celebrating Max’s 10th birthday. Like great parents, we are celebrating a month late.

But it’s going to be epic! This is what Max is saying nowadays. He turned 10 and now all the sudden, everything is epic.

We’re taking a few friends to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania and I made deliciously cute cupcakes and a cake to go along with the theme.  But while Frankenstein or Dracula would make a cool theme for a cake, it is beyond my cakeabilities.

So I went with the movie theme.

And these are cute, if I do say so myself.

But Max probably wouldn’t want me to say the word cute.

I’ll try to be with it tomorrow and refrain from embarrassing him in front of his friends.

But aren’t those popcorn cupcakes so cute?? I got the wrappers from Diane’s Creative Touch on Etsy here. Watched the youtube on how to make them here. Saw the idea for the candy cake here.


7 thoughts on “Coming Attraction

  1. Really cute idea for his Bday. Love the cake and how it is put together. Cupcakes are neat too. Taking his friends to the movie is fun. I did that for our sons and all who were invited plus often an extra one or two sibling was sent along. LOL

  2. Those popcorn cupcakes are adorable! Ok, I watched the video, and – putting all those little popcorn kernels together?? You win mom of the year!! Sad they’re all going to get eaten! 🙂 Hope y’all have an awesome day, and happy (late) birthday, Max!

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