Stories About Jake

Dream On

Mike hardly ever remembers his dreams and I’m just the opposite. This morning I dreamed that outside it was pouring cats and dogs rain, and no one was allowed to leave their homes. In my dream I was asleep having the dream (do you ever do that?) and I woke up, looked out the window, and it was completely dark except for the flashes of lightning.

Then I woke up (in real life) and the sky was as bright as…well…daytime. Outside, the landscapers for the community were mowing the grass in the common areas.

It seemed so realistic. Except now only a few details come back to me.

Max has the occasional vivid dream, too, and he loves to tell me about them. Sometimes I don’t know how much was filled in after he woke up but he definitely can re-tell a lot of details.

I had my camera ready and took some pictures the other day at the breakfast table. Over a glass of chocolate milk and the latest Lego catalog in front of him, he gave me a summary of his dream.

There’s no question that he has a great imagination. Also, he doesn’t know how to summarize very well yet.


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