Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday

This one couldn’t have been scripted better.

Mini: “May I take your order, Ma’am?”

Friend: “I would like water and for my meal, I’d like something healthy.”

Mini: “Pizza?”

Friend: {giggle} “No!”

Mini: “Dessert?”

Friend: {more giggling} “No!”

Mini: “Cheeseburger?”

Friend: “No, Mini! That’s not healthy food!”

Mini: “With lettuce and tomato?”



After going to Bounce U for a special friend’s birthday party, Mini was recapping the night after we got home.

Me: “Which bouncy thing did you like the best?”

Mini: “The slide where you go Woo Hoo!”

She referred to that inflatable as the Woo Hoo slide for the rest of the conversation.

For more Tiny Talk Tuesday memories, visit In Everything. Once you stop by, you should see their new puppy. So adorable!




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