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Ask any woman who has older children and they will say these words to a mom of a preschooler: enjoy this time.

Enjoy their laughter.

Enjoy their imagination.

Enjoy their companionship.

And don’t blink.

Because before you know it…(you know what’s coming)…they’re grown.

Right now, I’m experiencing the rather long days of preschooldom. The endless stream of questions. The constant need for attention. Affirmation. Play. Songs. Entertainment. Energy. Boundaries. The tired, weary days when reason is too much for both of us to muster at the end of the night. The white knuckled determination not to let certain behaviors slide. If they wouldn’t be cute at 14, then they shouldn’t be cute at 4.


Yesterday I firmly said to her, “remember, I am the mommy.”

Sobbing in a tantrum in her bed she replied, “I forgot!”

This is our biggest struggle.

And yet.

She tells me I’m the best mom ever when I buy a bag of Kisses, mini wafers, and frosting to make chocolate acorn treats for five minutes with her on a Sunday afternoon. She throws her arms around me in appreciation when I stop what I’m doing to be the customer in her restaurant where she is the cooker and her neighbor friend made a menu with Lemon Chicken as the special. She says thank you THANK YOU for giving her a $3 coloring book that “she’s always wanted.”

I’m reminded that the days are long, and the years are short, like they say.

I’m also reminded that this blog is my avenue of enjoyment, even on the hard days. There is a feature on my admin bar where I can click to read a random post.

I clicked many, many times today.

I truly enjoyed that.

Thank you for reading. But even if was just me reading, it’s worth it to remember these little moments here on my blog.

Plus, these acorns?

Were delicious.

And these kids? I am enjoying them.

I received requests from zero of you for this “random post” feature to be added to my blog so everyone could have fun looking at past pictures and reading old stories. (!!) Well, sorry. I believe I need an upgraded version of WordPress for this widget to work, but I did think of an alternative. I  inserted the link up at the top of my blog header. In case anyone wants to know. Anyone? Anyone? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Enjoy

  1. Enjoy reading you blog. The cookies were cute. Your children will grow up and often you are far away from them. However, you will always have your memories of them as children. Good night.

  2. Oh friend, I have repeated that mantra to myself many, many, many times, “The days are long, but the years are short.” It is so, so true. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy when you’re in the midst of the long days. Hang in there! Lots of girls’ nights out, lots of chips and guac, and lots of early bed times. 😉 I’ve also found that singing opera at the top of your lungs helps. 🙂

    1. I think I do need a girls night out. One of the old posts I read today actually was about one of those. They work wonders!

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