September Highlights

In early September I got my domestic on.

The rest of this post has nothing to do with this salad. But when I make something beautiful in the kitchen, I feel like I shouldn’t keep you out of the loop. You need to know.

I am proud of this cobb salad I made for our first homeschool parents’ meeting. Blue cheese crumbles and crisp bacon, there’s something about that combination that makes me very, very happy in life.

Speaking of bacon, Max has suddenly become a huge fan. Is this a rite of passage for boys? Baaaaacon.  He loves a good BL sandwich. Not BLT, mind you. Tomatoes are a no go and he will let you know it.

Mini, on the other hand, loves tomatoes. She eats grape tomatoes like they are jelly beans.

Just a little fun fact.

Moving on.

In mid-September, the kids and I (along with my mom and seemingly enough luggage for a few more family members) boarded a plane for Dallas. We reunited with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins and celebrated my grandpa’s 90th birthday!  At first I didn’t think we could go on this trip because Mike’s schedule at church was entirely too crazy to take off, but Grammy was willing to fly with the kids and me, so it worked out great.

We missed Mike but if I’m not mistaken, he got so much accomplished while we were gone that he hinted for me to go away with the kids next year around the same time.  Hmmm. I wonder when my week alone at home will be? 🙂

Anyway, we had such a great trip. We flew into Dallas then drove to Lake Kiowa (or as I said, Lake KiohWAH because I’m not from around there and everybody knew it).  My aunt had made a big batch of sugar cookies for Papa’s party and when help was needed to stir the frosting, it wasn’t hard to find.

Max and Mini love to help me with sugar cookies during the holidays but this was an exciting step-up from our decorating efforts at home.  There were lots of sprinkles! We iced a few cookies each and started working at a good pace until we heard the sound that suddenly stopped us with knives in mid-air.  Pshhhhhhhhh.  The container of sprinkles hit the floor.

I’m sure my Aunt Susan and Uncle Greg will fondly remember our cookie decorating extravaganza every time they see a stray sprinkle in their kitchen for a long time to come!

It was so good to spend time with them and the kids enjoyed fishing off their dock and in the stocked pond in the neighborhood.

They liked to fish (as long as they didn’t have to wait too long).  Throwing out the line and getting the worms out of the plastic container was far more fun than dealing with them on the hook. Mini didn’t want that thing coming anywhere near her!

Never mind one that had a fish attached!

At this point Mini was ready to just go back to the house to see baby Parker. Earlier that day we visited with my cousin-in-law, Stephanie and her adorable little boy. I enjoyed playing with this little guy so much but CLEARLY he did not know what to think of me and my big camera!

He was such a doll. The cutest!

The next morning we drove to my brother and sister-in-law’s place to hang out for the day. Instant-bonding with the cousins. The girls stayed at the house to play with Barbies all day while the boys met up with other family to watch my cousin’s college football team play in a game. At Cowboys Stadium!!  (boo Cowboys…yay Eastern New Mexico playing there) Not only did his team win their game, but Max was having such a good time cheering and cutting up in the crowd that he was noticed and he made it onto the big screen twice. Needless to say, he loved that!

The next day was Max’s birthday and the big party for my grandpa. As we were all together with family, I knew how special that weekend was but now that a few weeks have passed, these pictures mean even more to me.  I’m so glad we could be there with everyone!

Oh my gosh. The cutest.

If you would, please pray for Stephanie, Parker, and my Aunt Susan and Uncle Greg. More than words can express, we felt such a void without Jason being there with us. There simply are no words that make the hurt feel any less. I just wanted to ask my friends who read this blog, who I KNOW are prayer warriors, to lift them up. I’m praying for them every single day.

Another prayer request is for my dad. He fell recently and hit his head. He has a subdural hematoma that they are watching and he will have a repeat CT scan of his brain in a few weeks. We are praying for complete healing so surgery won’t be necessary.  He is doing okay but the meds keep him feeling sleepy and wobbly on his feet. Thanks, friends.


3 thoughts on “September Highlights

  1. A list is always best, isn’t it? 😉
    1) Beautiful cobb salad – it looks like a magazine!
    2) Cracking up about your kids and tomatoes – mine are the exact same way! Jacob hates ’em; Kloe loves ’em. (by the way, I have a friend who always orders hers by saying, “I’d like a BLT, minus the L and T”. haha)
    3) LOVE the pics of Mini fishing! Hysterical! 🙂
    4) So glad you got to have this wonderful time with your family. And I’m so, so sorry about your cousin. I WILL be praying.
    5) Also praying for your dad.
    6) Great to catch up with you! 🙂

    1. I’ve realized lately how much I’ve missed the blogging connections. Gotta get back into it on a more regular basis. Thank you for praying, you were one of the prayer warriors that came to mind as I wrote. Thanks, friend.

  2. Gotta love a girl that fishes in zebra print pants!

    I love the family birthday pictures. They so remind me of when my family was all together to celebrate my Dad’s 90th birthday. Treasures!!

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