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Saying Goodbye

I knew Mini’s eyes would be filled with tears as we headed to the airport, but it was equally hard for Max to say goodbye to Anna.

In Anna he not only has a hip cool friend who is willing to share her iPad, iPod, and iPhone when asked (average 1,240 times per day) but he has someone who laughs at just about everything he does.  In Anna he has a fan and it goes both ways.  He loves her so much, she is a part of our family.  It was hard for him to say goodbye, as it was for all of us.

Anna has a gift with children and she’s a natural in saying words that bring comfort.  I was really impressed at how she pours out sweet affection in little ways, even when her emotions are on the surface.  She had a particularly hard week dealing with a personal situation she wasn’t prepared to face.  Her boyfriend of 8 months broke up with her by text on the same day she arrived in Maryland.  (I have nothing good to say about that, other than I saw for myself a part of Anna’s character that I admired even more in how she dealt with that news.)

She pressed on and we had an amazing week.  God blessed us in so many ways, strengthened our relationships, and gave us a ton of stories, jokes, and fun times to re-tell in the future.

Once again, I am so thankful.


8 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

      1. Thank you for having me. What a wonderful week. Had a great night sharing our adventures, pictures and gifts with the fam. They want to come visit so, so bad.

  1. I am so thankful that she was with you during this time. You ALL are more of a blessing to me than words can describe.

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