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On Monday we rode the Metro downtown and visited the National Archives to appreciate a bit of history with a side of fun.  Then onto Madame Tussauds for some fun with a side of history.

It was like we were right there, moments before Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theatre.  The wax statue was very impressive, but the electrical outlet gave the whole thing away.

Not that my kids weren’t fooled at first.  They totally were.  And not that this museum wasn’t an excellent way to teach some history, it definitely was.  Max asked me about President Nixon who greeted us upon arrival.

He reconsidered the salute after I told him about Nixon’s legacy and Mini asked, “so he lied and that’s why they turned him into a statue?”

Too funny.

Max loves history and it was fun to see him so excited at both the Archives and the presidents exhibit at Madame T’s.  We’ll be using Sonlight’s U.S. History core this year in our homeschooling so this visit started us off on our adventure, so to speak.

So cute hearing Mini say “that’s George Washington, DC” again and again.

From the first president to the most recent, the kids met each one in person (it cracks me up that Mini grabbed Michelle’s hand).  But nothing was as exciting as sitting behind his desk in the Oval Office.

And look who’s very comfortable giving orders behind that desk.

Anna was a lot of fun during the tour, acting silly with us and having a great time!

I definitely recommend this museum if you are visiting D.C.  If you can go on a drizzly weekday in late August, even better. Like our visit to the Archives, it wasn’t very crowded and each location is right next to a Metro stop and near other sights along the way.

The Archives is always a favorite.  We saw the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights and watched a short movie on record keeping and research that Mini protested “was NOT a movie!” but the rest of us thought it was interesting.

Back to Madame Tussauds, the celebrity part of the exhibit was pretty cool, too.  One, in particular, was met with great enthusiasm.

Max was really excited about the celebrities.  Oh my goodness, there’s a funny story that I wanted to share with you.  Oprah was there when it happened.  We had a good chuckle over it.

Max, in his not-so-quiet-not-s0-shy way, wildly excited over the sight of one of his favorite movie stars on the other side of the room, yelled out, “THERE’S JACKIE CHAN!”

It was Yoko Ono.

This happened right around the same time that an Asian tour group entered the room.

Yes.  Good times.


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