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Take Me Out to the Fairgrounds

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday.  Even at the county fair where you see a lot of abnormal things.

For instance:

Stopping by the decorated toilet contest area is always a favorite.  We thought this one should have won 1st prize.  Max loved it!  Let’s Go Caps.  Send the Penguins down the drain!

Max studied these amazing works of art.  Studied them.

Other amazing works of art were found moments later in the face painting booth.

We saw lots of amazing sights at the fair today.

A baby calf.  Born just an hour before we arrived.

Gives new perspective to “it’s been a rough day.”

Max was thrilled to see the baby calves in this birthing center.  I, too, thought they were cute.  Anna, as well.


She couldn’t get past the cow patties all over the floor.  “That is so gross!”

She was the same way over at the pig barn.  “Let’s get out of this pig world!” she said as we made our way toward the exit.

The baby chicks, on the other hand, caught her attention in a much more positive way.

It was a different story with Max.  At least with a full size chicken.  He didn’t know what to do with this being handed to him.

I have no idea why his mouth is open that wide but that, plus Anna’s expression of horror on her face, leaves me to believe we now need to make our way toward the exit.

Let’s get out of this chicken world.

Our day at the fair was really fun and interesting.  We saw a lot of animals, tractors, decorated toilets, and other non-everyday-kind-of-sights.  We drank fresh squeezed lemonade, ate ice-cream cones, carried balloons, got funnel cake (Max said that from this day forward, his favorite cake is funnel cake), and bought a large bag of kettle corn (my favorite).

And I got a picture of the big sunflowers (another favorite).

It was another great day of memories made with Anna, too!


6 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Fairgrounds

  1. We loved your photos and your comments, especially, the reactions, which are priceless…You brought back so many wonderful memories to us, of our time spent at the County Fair when we lived in MD. Thank you for making “our day!”

  2. I LOVE the fair. When I was a kid, my Dad worked on the grounds crew for the fair. We went all day every day and had a blast. My Mom loved to play Bingo. I got to go back to the fair a few years ago when we were home for my Dad’s 90th birthday. It certainly had shrunk in size but the french fries, lemon shake ups, and corn dogs were still the same!

    Love the chicken and “cow pie” expressions! They make me laugh.

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