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Open Adoption

Emmie’s birthmom, Anna, called us several months ago and asked if she could come to Maryland for a week.  We eagerly agreed. When we adopted Emmie, we talked about being open to visits even though we lived across the country from each other.

We loved visiting with Jake’s birthmom while she went to school in Philly, and couldn’t believe how God blessed us with another great birthmom relationship. Wow, we are so thankful.

Adoption is beautiful.

All of us, on every side of our adoption, feel this way.  Emotions run deep on this subject. All of us know what it’s like to feel deep hurts and deep hope.  Adoption stems from loss but its blooms are beautiful, rich in detail and designed by a loving Creator.  We care immensely about what adoption will mean for our kids and how it will affect them in life.

From our personal experience with adoption, I don’t feel that “affect” is the right word to use, though.  A better word is direct.  I pray and wonder how adoption will direct their steps in life and in their faith. How will it move them to more compassion and love for others?  How will adoption drive them to do God’s will even when it requires incredible sacrifice and selflessness?

Okay, so “move” and “drive” are also good words.

I love adoption.

But right now, when it’s just me and the kids in the kitchen, I’m the only one who thinks (and feels) this deeply about it.  To them – at 9 and 4 years of age – adoption is normal.

It’s fun and cool.  And I’ll go along with that, too.  It is fun and cool.  One recent example is here.

It makes us smile and laugh and appreciate silly things.  Like 4 year-olds walking through the airport with a Welcome to my Birthmom sign held high. How strangely awesome is that?

It makes us cry happy hello tears, too.

It makes us giddy, too.

And excited to make memories with someone we love.

In front of the USCGC Taney at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

We have a week planned with some fun outings and some low-key ones, too.  Tomorrow we’re going to the county fair and Friday we get to show Anna the ocean for the first time in her life.  Very excited about that.

More pictures to come.


6 thoughts on “Open Adoption

  1. I have to tell you she was very excited to see and hug all of you too. Have fun making wonderful memories. We love you all so very much!

  2. This made me teary-eyed! You are an amazing woman of God, friend, and mom too! 🙂 And you are absolutely right, Adoption is AWESOME!

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