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Friday morning we hung around the house some more. I folded laundry while I overheard Max going over the basics of Monopoly with Mini.

Yeah, it was too much. I couldn’t stifle the laughter.  I left the laundry pile and joined the game, quickly paying 4x my roll in rent to Mini because she owned the electric company.  She couldn’t tell the difference between a cream-yellow 100 and a bright-yellow 10 dollar bill, but she knew if my hat landed on her lightbulb square, I’d have to pay up.  Max wasn’t letting her miss it, at least.

Surprisingly, we had a pretty good game going on.  We stuck with it for an hour.  By then Mini was more interested in her family of stuffed animals, but it was enough time to rev up our competitive spirit.  So when Max and his car declared that they would own Boardwalk – no matter what – it was game on.

Boardwalk was mine.

They both missed it by one space.

Aw, too bad.


He took it really, really well.

We had to pack up the game in a hurry to help Mike with something but next time, I’m afraid, Max won’t let me quit after only an hour.  We’ll be playing until the end.

Or at least until he gets Boardwalk.





4 thoughts on “Monopoly

  1. We love Monopoly, but got tired of always starting at the beginning. Now, we play for a predetermined amount of time then I take a picture of the game board and put everyone’s money and property in separate ziplocks. Now we can pick up the game where we left off. That’s FUN! 🙂

  2. Love that you left the laundry to play a game with them! *sigh* I’m so bad at that. 😦 And love the look on Mini’s face in the first photo – she looks like she was done already! 🙂

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