Stories about Emmie

Sick Day

Timing is everything.  We were on our way to spend the morning with friends who were visiting from North Carolina.  I called to say we were almost there and not five seconds after hanging up, Mini threw up in the car.  Bless her heart.  I pulled into a parking lot, cleaned her up, and called to say we needed to go home.  Our friends have a little baby so I’m glad it happened before we arrived.  Once again, my kid-sickness radar was off and I was taken by complete surprise.

I really think that should stop!

She had a fever and went right to sleep when we got home, but she woke up feeling “all better.”  Next thing I knew, she was in the kitchen pulling a chair up behind her little seat at the small table.  Yes, it was just what she needed to do so that her Cowie pillow could serve as a comfortable back rest.  Her determination and ingenuity made me smile.  I gave her some bananas, toast, and a couple Nilla Wafers.

But this is how “all better” she felt.

Is that not the most pitiful sight?  Poor thing.

She’s feeling much, much better now, thank goodness.  Her tummy felt fine and she got a lot of rest.  Even though the day turned out very different than planned, we actually had a pretty nice one.



2 thoughts on “Sick Day

  1. @mini…

    I sent my cares to the wind,
    And ask the wind to pass them to you…
    When you feel the wind blowing towards your face; that’s me
    Saying I love you & get well soon 😉

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