Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday

It’s been far too long since I’ve participated in Tiny Talk Tuesday.  Mini is saying funny things all the time but I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing them down.  But this Tiny Talk just happened today, so yay!

As I was getting a snack for the girls playing in our front yard, our 10 year-old neighbor came to tell his sister to come home.  He heard there was a tornado warning somewhere in our area today (I don’t think that was accurate but it certainly got Mini worried that our house was going to fly away.)  I was oblivious to this conversation so imagine me caught off-guard when she came running in the front door.

Mini: (crying) A big tomato is coming!

Me: A what?!

After putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I finally got past the frightening image of a garden vegetable rolling down the hill and realized she meant tornado.  Looking up at the sky, nothing looked eerie or ominous about the clouds so I assured her that we were safe but decided we should go ahead and come inside.

It took a few minutes to calm her down because on a scale of 1-10, drama scored an 11 for Mini’s reaction.

She asked me to tell her again what a tornado was.  I went into a brief description of funnel clouds and vortexes and what-have-you.  Apparently, that’s the way I comfort a worried preschooler.  With a lot of information. I may need to re-think that approach.  Have I been homeschooling too long?

Eventually I wised up and just said “don’t worry, baby. Mommy will keep you safe no matter what” and she continued on eating her watermelon.

From then on, she replaced worry with slight excitement over the tornado that didn’t happen.  Every time she talked about it, she called it a swirlmato.

Which was not only cute but a little fascinating.  I knew she was listening when I was talking about those vortexes. 😉

Visit the new address (my first time linking up) of Tiny Talk Tuesday, In Everything.  Kelly is a homeschooling mama of four little ones and after just a few minutes reading her blog tonight, I know her Tiny Talk Tuesday posts will bring a lot of smiles each week.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  1. Hahaha – love this! 🙂 Reminds me of the time I told J he wasn’t allowed to give me an ultimatum, and when he didn’t understand, K told him, “She said, you don’t get to give her an ul-tomato!” 😉

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