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Up to Something

Back in January, before I ever heard the term meningoencephalitis, I read Moments with the Savior by Ken Gire.  I had a feeling that 2012 would be one that God would teach me something big, but it was just a feeling.  Now I know a little about what He was up to.  It was like he was saying Read this. Read it again. Now get out the Sharpies and put this on the fridge. 

God did an amazing work in Max’s life while he was sick.  We are so thankful and feel so blessed that he made a complete recovery.  Our prayers don’t always get answered in the way, shape, or form that we ask, but God uses everything we go through.  No matter how big or small.  Sometimes just for us.  Sometimes for us, plus a crowd.  I’m humbled to hear how God has used our story, how He has supplied the fish and loaves.

We are not guaranteed a life without uncertainty, fear, anxiety, loss, or pain.  But He gives abundantly in ways that we can’t even imagine, if we trust Him.

Did I say I knew this before? Sure.  But I know it a little more now.

I wear this necklace to remind me.

necklace by Lisa Leonard Designs


2 thoughts on “Up to Something

  1. This was beautiful! I am so sorry Max was sick–and in such a sudden and scary huge way–but I am greatly impressed by how you and your family handled that time by relying on your faith and trust in God and giving Him the glory throughout. Your journaling through the experience not only gave your brain an outlet but stands as a powerful public testimony as well.

    So happy Max is fully recovered!!

    Love that owl! Wise & cute–and you have your scripture too. Perfect!

  2. I love the way God mercifully prepares us ahead of time for the seasons we will face – often without our even realizing it. So grateful that He was speaking to you way back in January about His faithfulness. And so thankful for Max’s complete recovery!

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