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Mini and Me: Day 1

This week Max is at VBS at my old church (love going back there, so many memories and even a few familiar faces from 20 plus years ago).  While he is there having a blast, Mini and I get to have some one-on-one time.  I thought I’d make each day’s outing a surprise and she’s loving the suspense.  After dropping Max off, she gets to open an envelope to see what we have planned for that morning.

Day #1:

We have a lake in our neighborhood with lots of ducks and geese, but we don’t feed them because it’s generally frowned upon and I’m generally a rule follower of such nonsense.  I don’t know of a place where you’re actually allowed to feed the ducks so I did a search online and found a place, I was so excited.  According to our county’s tourism website, feeding the ducks at this particular place (close to restaurants, paddle boats, and other money-makers) was even suggested as a fun way to spend time with kids.

The coloring page was a great idea because it gave her something to do other than ask “are we there yet?” a million times.

Once we got there, we met up with some friends who mentioned that there was a sign or two hundred that read “no feeding waterfowl.”

Oh great.  Well, we fed them anyway and wouldn’t you know it, we got in trouble.

A little boy who was sitting with his mom on that bench kept barking at us, “you’re not supposed to feed the ducks.  You’re not supposed to feed the ducks.  You’re not supposed to feed the ducks.”

Thank you.

We’ll just take our joyful little criminals elsewhere.

Hey, since we were already sliding down a slippery slope, I thought I’d just go ahead and take Mini shopping and let her touch anything she wanted to.

Where is this girl’s mother?

Oh my goodness.

Okay, enough.  Let’s be serious for a second.  This store??  Love at first sight.

She talked the entire time and she wanted me to buy every necklace, every shoe, every scarf she saw.  It would be so A-DOR-ABLE on me.

One day she will own this store.

We bought a birthday present for a friend and she sweetly asked me to buy her a new headband.  She would like to now model that new headband for you.

We had so much fun on our morning out!  I love this girl so much!


4 thoughts on “Mini and Me: Day 1

  1. Anna, you are suc a rebel!! Letting your daughter feed the ducks and THEN touch all the stuff in the store!! What a wonderful memory for both of you, especially since the next week was pretty Mini lacking… hugs!!

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