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Good friends. Saying hello and goodbye again.  They were gone for 3 months to visit grandparents in Japan and came back only for a short visit.  Tomorrow they’ll be on their way to their new home in San Antonio.  Air Force, we want them more.  Please change your orders a.s.a.p.

I asked Kyle if he would like grilled cheese for lunch.  “What’s grilled cheese?” he asked.

I thought he was saying something in Japanese.  I didn’t understand.

Claire, on the other hand, knew it would be delicious.  I think the confusion came when I dropped the word sandwich.  I don’t ever say grilled cheese sandwich.  Even typing it out seems too formal.  Do you say grilled cheese or grilled cheese sandwich?

These two have loved each other from the moment they met.  Mini was 2 years old and Claire was five.  Claire gave her this Dora playset before they left for Japan in the spring.  Mini plays with it almost every single day.  She was beside herself with joy to play with Claire today.

Yesterday, A. and G. came over too.   Six kids running around the house.  Nerf bullets everywhere.  Girls squealing and being chased.  Had to get them outside and on bikes, scooters, and the plasma car.  The plasma car was a hit.  It was so funny to watch them fly down the sidewalk.  I wish I took pictures.

I did take pictures once they got some of their goofy energy out.  But not all of it. 🙂

I enjoy these photos and these kids so much.  Man, we’re going to miss them.


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. A housefull of silly kids sounds like so much fun. I say grilled cheese sandwich and in our house, The Grilled Cheese, is a pretty sassy dance move. 🙂

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