Sweet and Tart

Sweet: We met Grandad and Grandma Barbara for dinner last Saturday night to celebrate Father’s Day.

Tart:  What you see my dad holding is a homemade cherry crisp.  It didn’t travel as well as I hoped, hence the need for a fancy grocery bag around it, but I think he liked it all the same.

Sweet and Tart: The day before, the kids and I picked tart cherries from the orchard just for him.  The season for these cherries is very short (like a day or two) and we were there when they opened, ready to get to work.

Sweet: Lifelong friends.

Tart: As you can see, Max wasn’t in much of a hard-working mood.

Faith, on the other hand, was going to town on those cherries.  She had a serious goal to pick something like 20 pounds of cherries.

Sweet:  She has a friend (me) who will help, of course.

Tart: But her friend (me) has ADD.

Ooh look.  Cherries.

Sweet: Another trip to the orchard is a memorable one.  Lots of great memories here.

(taken in 2010, on our umpteenth trip to the orchard together over the years)

So how was Mike’s Father’s Day?  Well, sweet and tart (to go with the theme of this blog post, of course).

Sweet:  The kids and I put our heads together on a gift and I think he really liked it.  A collage frame for his office and some homemade cards.

I took this picture of the kids last week, and it’s become one of my all-time favorites.

Tart: Mike didn’t get much of a relaxed Father’s Day this year because he had a big paper due that night, which took him until midnight to finish.  Then this past week was jam-packed with meetings for him, but being the great husband and father he is, Mike worked really hard to come home as much as he could in between things.

So life, in general, has been both sweet and tart this week.

It’s not every week that our living room looks like this.

We got new carpet upstairs (and on the stairs) and it seemed so easy to say “yeah, it won’t be a big deal to clear off bookshelves, empty out closets, and make sure everything is off the floor in each bedroom.”

Totally took just 15 minutes out of my day.

But that’s life, right?  The tart makes you appreciate the sweet?  Appreciate the little things in life?

Like these moments, for instance.

(laughing at the lady who took the cinnamon challenge )

So, how was your week?


6 thoughts on “Sweet and Tart

  1. What a fun day out at the farm picking cherries AND then making them into a homemade treat–how sweet are you?!?!

    Great gift idea of the photo collage, I bet Mike loved it!!

    Obvs I live under a rock because I have never heard of Glozell–what in the world?!?! Is she for real? “Is you okay?”–too funny.

    Clever way of recapping your week comparing sweet and tart–you are right, focus on the sweet and those moments (mostly) make up for the tart. 🙂

    1. Thanks for all the comment love today, Holly. Yeah, me too – I was under that same rock. Never heard of her before seeing this video. Yikes. So funny!

  2. Oh my. I VERY much remember the monumental task of getting new carpet installed in our NC home. I have a picture somewhere of our living room with all our earthly belonging piled up. It was…umm…inconvenient to say the least!

    1. It was a much bigger job than I anticipated. I was still bringing stuff down seconds before the carpet installers arrived! And then, 8 hours later, we took everything back up. Exhausting!! At least it spurred me on to go through the piles and give away/throw away a ton of stuff. The new carpet is wonderful, too – it felt like a new house that night.

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