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Fonder Memories at the Pool

The day before this unfortunate event happened, Max was lovin’ life at the pool.  He’s fine, by the way, and totally unfazed.  He even questioned the fact that we couldn’t stay to swim (since he was obviously feeling better).  Oh boy.

Anyway, we’ve had better times at the pool.  I’m glad I brought along my camera on Tuesday to take a few pictures of the kids.  They are having a great time playing with friends and pretty much doing their own thing while I keep my eye out.  Normally I’m close by (unlike yesterday…I feel soo bad about that! I think that was the only thing that remotely upset him).   This year Mini stays with friends in the shallow end so I’m able to sit on the edge and relax a whole lot more.  That’s a big difference from last year when I had to keep her within arm’s reach.  She’s doing great learning how to swim, too.  I signed her up with the best coach ever, Maggie, for lessons for the next couple of weeks.  So cute to watch!


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