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They’re Back!

The road trip was so much fun.  Max took my little camera and came home with almost 200 pictures.  It was like I was there!

I won’t post any more of his photos because he has big plans to blog this week.

How much do I love saying that??

The kids had an absolute blast and Pops & Nana made sure it was a week they’d never forget.  I love so much that they have such an awesome relationship with their grandparents.  I lived so far away from my grandparents growing up, that I know what an incredible blessing that is.  I’m truly thankful.

So, how did Mike and I spend our week?  It sure was quiet around here.  Too quiet some days, to be honest.  But we had fun – we went out to dinner with friends, attended graduation parties, went downtown to the Newseum (highly recommend), walked around and found a place to eat (went to Matchbox Vintage Pizza Bistro in Chinatown…had the best chicken sandwich of my life), and tried to take a picture of ourselves with the US Capitol in the background.

Ha!  Our aim was off and it made us laugh.  That’s better than a good background, anyway.

This was taken from the observation deck at the Newseum.  We’ve been to the Newseum once before at its old location, so it’s been a while, and I was totally fascinated.  It would be a great museum to visit on a class trip, so I’ll plan on going back with Max someday.

Mike worked the rest of the week and either I ran errands or stayed home in my pajamas.  I finished Mini’s baby book over a period of 2 days.  Mike didn’t mind that the kitchen table disappeared and I was so happy to get it done!

We went out to eat a few times and I cooked (or fixed, really) dinner the rest of the time.  I even worked out a few times and went running after FINALLY buying a new pair of shoes after 2 years.  Don’t tell on me, I know you shouldn’t wait that long.  The new shoes made a huge difference (duh).  But I still lived it up calorie-wise and will pay for that this next week.  Of course, it was worth it.

The best part of my week without the kids was getting back in the habit of having a daily quiet time.  I don’t want to use my kids as an excuse, because there are plenty of reasons I don’t stick with having a regular quiet time like I want to when they’re here, but I knew this had to be a priority for the week.  God gave me several really great devotions (still making my way through Moments with the Savior by Ken Gire) and he allowed His Word to come in and clean out the cobwebs, so to speak.  Amen to that.

So.  They had a great week with the grandparents.  Max said he “drank Coke and Sprite – you know what that means: Spoooilllled.” (he talks like that, it cracks me up)  Mini got so much attention that she has had a hard time adjusting back to normal, but when you’re 4, that’s the very definition of normal.  Mike and I had uninterrupted time, just the two of us, and it was good.  We remembered how to have long conversations.  Plus, I had that delicious chicken sandwich.

Also, to end this long post on a random note, I went to some yard sales with a great friend, who knows how to spot a bargain jewel amongst the piles of junk.  I came home with some K’nex for Max and a new bike for Mini, among other great finds.  We took the kids for a bike ride on Saturday.

It’s nice to have my people back together again. 🙂


5 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. Oh, I just love this pic of the kids riding their bikes! It just looks so….family. 🙂 Glad you guys had a great week!

  2. I loved the Newseum too! I have a similar pic from the observation deck 🙂 And Matchbox…MMMMMMMM!!!!!! I love that place!!! Glad you enjoyed it.

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