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Adoption Day

It was 9 years ago yesterday that we went to court to finalize Max’s adoption here in Maryland.  We celebrated his Adoption Day as a family by going to see Madagascar 3.  Every year he has asked if we could see a movie, so I believe it’s tradition now.  Two years ago we went to see Toy Story 3 and I made a t-shirt for him with a Sharpie, and he loved it.  He wanted to do the same thing this year, but we upped our game and made the t-shirt with some leftover puffy paint I had.

We nearly missed Adoption Day this year.  With all the excitement of the road trip, we forgot to plan something on the calendar.  So yesterday we brought it up at lunch and his eyes got huge.  Apparently, he already had his heart set on seeing Madagascar 3 in the theater, but we weren’t sure if we could go today so we said “we’ll see.” (The words “we’ll see” only made his excitement grow a hundred times more).

This morning, Max began campaigning for the movie and he woke me up from my morning nap (yes, really…it’s pitiful that I have to adjust to having the kids back) asking if he could make the t-shirt.  In his hand was his stuffed animal lion wearing a ringmaster’s hat that he had made while I was asleep.

His enthusiasm for Adoption Day and making the shirt got me up and moving.  And maybe a feeling of panic that scissors were left out and Mini could grab those and go to town on her hair while my eyes were closed.

I loved seeing him so excited about this day.

Mini was into this project big time.  She made a pajama shirt with “lines and polka dots.”

He knew exactly what he wanted the shirt to look like.  He asked me to write the title but then took over with the paints.  Those bottles aren’t easy to work with, but he was quite proud of how it turned out.  There is a canon shooting confetti and balloons holding up the sign.  He kept saying how good it looked.

When we arrived at the movie, Max was wearing his shirt, carrying Zoombo (the lion), and strutting around in a tall circus hat that he got a few years ago.  We walked up to buy our tickets and he instantly made friends with the cashier.  She liked his outgoing personality.

We all loved the movie, and I thought it was funnier than the first one.  It was definitely cool to see it in 3-D, in my opinion.  Mini kept putting her hand out in front of her, which was super funny and cute.

Happy Adoption Day, Max.  I love you with all my heart and am so thankful God put us in the same family. It was so fun to celebrate today, laugh about the movie lines over dinner, and look at your baby scrapbooks before going to bed.  You are such an awesome kid, we love you!


7 thoughts on “Adoption Day

  1. I’m a little late, but Happy Adoption Day, Max!! I love your hat and t-shirt. 🙂 Hope you had an awesome day!

  2. Happy Adoption Day Max!! (late, but still) His energy and enthusiasm tires me out just reading :)–but love his spirit!

    The shirts turned out cute–so fun.

    We saw Madagascar3 yesterday and LOVED it! Annelise can’t stop singing about the Afro Polka Dot Circus…

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