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Early Bird

I don’t think I actually fell asleep last night until past two, so 6:30 a.m. came early.  That’s when Max decided to set his alarm clock this morning to make sure he wouldn’t oversleep and miss the 7:30 departure time for Road Trip 2012 (see there? That’s my subtle way of suggesting an annual event).  But he came into our room in such a sweet way to say good morning, just like he was kissing my cheek before going off to proudly serve his country.  Such a young man, he was, this morning.

Once Mike gently reminded me that Pops is usually early, I got myself out of bed and woke up Mini, who arose with joy in her heart, to say the least.   Max said, “oh good, she woke up on the right side of the bed today.”  That made me laugh.  They ate a quick bite for breakfast and eagerly waited by the window for Pops & Nana.

Right after they arrived and we said our hellos, got the car seat locked in, filled up the SUV with suitcases, backpacks, books, coloring pages, Epi-pens, DVD players, CD player (we rock it old school), and punched the straw through the first of many Capri Suns, Max showed Nana the place where a pair of birds have built a nest near our front door.

(I forgot to mention it here on the blog, but it’s been such a cool thing to watch, and a bonus to our homeschooling year after learning about birds this spring).

The mama bird laid two eggs the other day, then we saw one of the eggs had disappeared.  We suspect a snake (eek!) because it would be easy for one to get to the nest and there is evidence of a hole in the mulch leading to underneath our front step (eek! eek!)  We thought maybe Mama Bird would not come back because we hadn’t seen her in two days, but in fact she did.

While Max was showing Nana where the nest was, trying to be ever stealth-like, she flew out of the hanging flower basket and gave us all a good jump.  But it was an exciting moment for another reason; we saw that she had laid another egg!

The kids were so happy and Max asked me to send him a picture everyday of the house sparrow’s nest so he would stay up-to-date on its status. I think that is adorable, of course, and will take my reporting duties very seriously.  Rain or shine.

I was worried about those eggs during a tornado watch this afternoon, but all seems to be well.

Except I’m still a little bit terrified every time I walk past that hole in the mulch, underneath the front step.

I think it’s well documented on this blog that I don’t do well with snakes near (or INSIDE!) my house.


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