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Awana Ceremony

On Saturday it was Max’s turn to attend his year-end ceremony.  He earned the Alpha award for T&T, which means he completed the first book and memorized 90 verses.  Plus he participated in a verse-a-thon event and raised money for an Awana club in Venezuela.  Our kids did an amazing job raising funds as a group.  Their goal was $440 but they raised over $2,500 and recited hundreds and hundreds of verses in small groups for an hour and a half straight. Awesome!

As soon as the ceremony was over, the water hoses were turned on and the carnival games had begun outside.  Everyone had a blast and Max wasted no time before getting soaked.

Mini had fun, too, and waited in line to jump on the moonbounce at least a dozen times with her friends.

This was a busy week at church.  Two awards ceremonies, Salt Sunday (Max and I joined a group at a hospice center where we washed windows and did yard work), a church picnic, and World of Water for our jr. high group.

After taking the year off, I’m excited to be involved again with middle-schoolers.  The break was nice but I really missed them!  They gave me such a nice welcome back hug, too. 🙂

What an exciting week of celebrations.  We feel so blessed to be part of such a great church family and look forward to another great year starting in September.

But first, let the Summer begin!!






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