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Hockey lessons started last week and we were – how do you say it? – unprepared and clueless.  I was the mom reading the instruction card while tying his skates and trying to listen to/sort out a long list of required and optional equipment purchase suggestions.  But Max was excited and ready.  He had been asking to take hockey lessons for a year now.  Since he has officially changed his what-he-wants-to-be-when-he-grows-up decision to two professions: either a secret agent or a hockey player, it was time to get him on his way to one of those dreams.

First time on hockey skates – second time ever on the ice – he loved every minute.  The poor kid in blue fell down over and over again, but Max managed to stay on his feet.

At the first lesson, Max was surprised to see a friend that he knew.  Max was thinking he’d be the oldest in the beginning class, but Luke is the same age.  They like each other and there’s a good level of competition between these boys, too.

So, now it’s been two weeks and we’ve made our first equipment purchase.  We went back to the rink on Friday to buy a stick and elbow pads.  We decided to wait on shin guards (for a better fit/brand than what was offered at the pro shop) and a helmet until the next level class (this summer? next fall?).  We hear conflicting messages about equipment right now.  Some say get everything, some say wait to see how he likes it.  Everyone jokes about taking out a second mortgage to pay for it all.

The number of luxury SUV’s unloading kids in hockey gear rolling these hee-uuuuge equipment bags behind them in the parking lot was slightly intimidating, yes.  But we’ll take it one step (or swizzle) at a time.  As a parent, you do what it takes to give your kids opportunities to try new things.

But if hockey doesn’t work out, there’s always an affordable secret agent camp.  They have those, right?


One thought on “Hockey

  1. Secret agent camp = US Army Intel field. Sign up at a recruiting office today. 🙂 or talk to Doug about Max’s future as a USMA grad. 🙂 The intel field has been good to us. Where do you learn to play hockey? I can’t recall seeing any kind of skating rink around here?

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