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Her First

Look who got her first Lego set!

And look who got his first set in months! (that’s a long time, equal to forever in waiting for the next Lego set to build).  He was just a LITTLE EXCITED about this.

It’s just a shame he is so inexpressive in front of the camera, isn’t it?

Max earned the Lego set from earning one hundred thirty Good Job Tickets (which are very un-fancy rectangular scraps of blue construction paper that we use to reward good behavior and hard work in school).  We offered a scale of prizes he could’ve earned for less tickets along the way, but he always traded in his tickets for the big ol’ prize of a $22 Lego set.  You should’ve seen the pride on his face after he counted 130 blue rectangles before cashing them in.

It took a long, long time for him to earn this prize.

So when he tried to convince me that Mini should get a Lego set too – just because – I caved.  I thought that was pretty sweet.


6 thoughts on “Her First

  1. VERY sweet. 🙂 And I love your “good job tickets” system. What are some of the other prizes he can earn? We tried a similar thing a while back with gold (plastic) coins. My kids ate it up for a while, then got tired of it and don’t even care about them anymore. 😦 It’s so hard finding a system that works around here!

    1. We go through starts and stops, too. It’s not a perfect system by any stretch. I forget to hand out the tickets, and like your kids, Max goes through times when he could care less. But it helps to keep the stack of blue papers in my sight in the kitchen and keep trying to make it a daily thing, even if he doesn’t seem excited about them. It’s still a good tool for me… to reward him for specific things like focusing on math that day or taking in the groceries. Whenever another adult tells us something positive about his behavior he gets extra tickets. I’ve also initiated Doubles Week which re-ignited the excitement when he seemed to get bored of it.
      It’s a money management/savings thing for us, too, since we don’t give an allowance yet. So keeping it up even with starts and stops is key. He has to keep them in a shoebox in his room. If I find them around the house they become my property, no second chances. He’s learned that the hard way lol 🙂
      It has helped to keep things simple regarding the prizes, though. I used to have a long list of prizes (fast food date, ice-cream cone, root beer float, movie on a weeknight, I forget what else…), but now it’s only 3 at a time. This past round, he could earn a can of Coke for 20 tickets (something he was starting to ask for often), a $10 Lego set for 65, or a $22 Lego set for 130. Sometimes I’m amazed that this has worked because he has some money saved and could easily buy a Lego set on his own. But earning it for free is something that really motivates him.

  2. Congratulations, Max on a job well done! Way to stay focused and work hard for the big prize. Way to be a GREAT big brother and include your sweet sister. I love you all.

  3. I am just like Max. I love earning things for “free”! That is super sweet that he wanted his little sister to share in the fun too. He is a good big brother and your an awesome mom!

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