Field Trip

Max went on a field trip to a one room schoolhouse last week.  I remember going here when I was in elementary school when we studied Maryland history.

I was hoping Max would write about it on his blog, but other school work is taking precedence.  He also has his heart set on writing about and posting a video I took of Mini pretending to be a school teacher, which he thinks is the funniest thing ever.  It is.  In the middle of class, she had to suddenly leave for an important meeting in Africa.  Look for that video on his blog soon. 🙂

His field trip was a lot of fun, I heard.  I thought I was going as a chaperone but they didn’t need me at the last minute.  Oh darn.  So I got my hair cut, had lunch, and went shopping instead.  Not a bad trade!

Max and all his friends in his farm school class went back in time to the 1800’s and had a full day of reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.  It was the perfect field trip to go along with everything they’ve learned reading the Little House series.  Everyone was dressed up and one of the girls giggled and told me she thought Max was “hilarious.”

They talked about this field trip for weeks and really made the most out of the day.  Max participated in a spelling bee, played games outside in the field, and avoided sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on (even though he said all the boys wanted to).

He thought the day was so much fun.  In fact, he said it was “a lot funner than I thought it was gonna be.”

I think I could say the same! 🙂


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