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Getting Away

Besides a routine check-up, Max went to the doctor for the first time in years.  He has strep and our weekend plans to go out of town for a wedding got nixed.  But I’m thankful for that strep.  Mike stayed home with the kids on Saturday so I could go by myself.  Okay, that sounds bad.  I missed him, I did.

Actually, I didn’t go by myself.  I drove two and a half hours with a friend to Charlottesville, VA.  She and I don’t get to spend much time with each other on a regular basis so we had plenty of conversation ground to cover.  It was great – no interruptions talking with another adult!

We stopped at Baja Fresh where I ordered a grilled chicken mango salad (why didn’t someone tell me about this before?!).  There were a few u-turns because my GPS is on drugs.  But the wedding was so much fun and the bride was absolutely beautiful.  I’ve known Brittany for a really long time.  It seemed she was only in jr. high last year, how could she already be out of college and getting married?

It was wonderful to see and hug old friends who had moved down to Virginia five or six years prior.   So bummed that I forgot to take a single picture.  I bought a pretty dress and heels, too.  Of course, it was raining hard so maybe I’m grateful.

So here’s a picture of the model wearing it.  I looked pretty much the same.

Ahhh.  There was something about the car ride, leaving matters at home in capable hands (although I really missed being with Mike, I did), the tangy dressing on the salad, and a wedding that gave me tears from beginning to end, that made me feel like I was moving forward in life again.

In talking to a close friend that I haven’t seen in a while, I realized something extremely valuable.  While we might not talk very often anymore, we still have a friendship rooted deep in past memories and a bond that says “I get it” when the current-life stuff is shared.  You know, that stuff you feel but hardly want to admit with anyone else, yet with this friend it is safe.

I am so thankful to have friends like that.  (That’s the something extremely valuable.)

I told her that lately I’ve been so busy but I also feel as though I’m never doing enough.  Or the right way.  I know that’s a common thing for moms, but it hit especially hard this month.  I shared a prayer request with some friends here at home about that, too.  They were faithful to pray for me, I know, and I was asking God to get me out of this funk soon.  To rescue me from the self doubt that was beginning to consume me and prevent me from moving forward.

I could go on, but long story short, I think God used this one single day in a big way.   I came home from the wedding feeling so good, so blessed.


2 thoughts on “Getting Away

  1. Girl, I can so much relate. I’m so sorry you’ve been there too, but so thankful that God gives us good friends and time away so we can catch our breath and regroup. Praying for you today.

  2. Sometimes just having a day to “let it all out” helps more than anything else. I totally understand the funk. I’ve been in it for the whole year. Praying we both get out of it soon!

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