Stories about Emmie

Monkey on the Playground

Growing up, I was always the timid kind on the playground.  I’d do cartwheels down a hill all day long but crossing the monkey bars seven feet off the ground was out of the question.  Who is fearless enough to do that anyway??

She is one of those fearless ones.  It’s fun to watch her go for it.  I’m a little lot jealous.

This was the first time she ever crossed the whole thing by herself.  Okay, technically it’s not.  We were both so excited that we ran home to wake up Daddy from his Easter afternoon nap and grab the camera.  She did again for him with a huge smile on her face.  She was so proud of herself.

Max and his friend were really happy Mike was there. They put him to work right away as a referee for a tag sparring tournament.

With only two people, it wasn’t much of a tournament.

So the fearless girly girl and I left the boys to their tag sparring and we headed over to the swings.  Soon we were able to persuade Mike to join us and I tried to take cool pictures.

A carefree, fearless preschooler with perpetual boo boos on the knees and shins?  Doesn’t that make us smile?

I just love this girl.


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