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Easter Memories

Mini got the Care Bear from our friend, Dawn, who hosted an Easter get-together on Saturday.  Mini was all about supporting Breast Cancer Awareness this Easter.  Instead of an Easter basket, she carried her loot in a pink reusable grocery bag.

She got a TON of eggs, and insisted on carrying that heavy bag herself – it was so funny.  She was really excited to find various themed eggs in the field so she had to hurry back and examine her collection.

The candy-filled pink car in front of this line was among the eggs in the field and she LOVED it.  It got her imagination going and she played for a long time by herself.

Meanwhile, Max hit the jackpot, too.  Not only did he have a gazillion pieces of candy, but he was a big winner of a $10 bill for finding the Golden Egg #7…AND he got this egg of timely significance:

Bird is the word.

All the kids had a great time comparing what was in their bags/baskets.

We had a great time hanging out with a bunch of friends from church.  Dawn’s husband, Kevin, talked about the Easter Story with the kids using Resurrection Eggs.

We were using our own set of Resurrection Eggs at home this week, too.  Love this hands-on way of telling the greatest story of all time!

Mini would rather tell the story instead of listen to me tell it.  Does that surprise anyone?? 🙂

It reminded me of this video of Max (he was 5 years old at the time and OH his voice is so cute).  When he opens the egg that contains the praying hands, he talks about how flashy and shiny they are.  Gosh, he was (is) something else!

The grave is empty and Jesus isn’t in there anymore! He is risen!  Happy Easter, friends.


3 thoughts on “Easter Memories

  1. Great memory making times are a wonderful way to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Love Mini’s breast cancer carebear and pink bag! Way to go Mini!

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