Trying a New Look

Mini loves clothes and choosing her own outfits.  Today she wore a dress that my friend Faith made for her own daughter several years ago.  Faith was in a sewing craze and I remember thinking back then how much I wanted a little girl because her daughter looked so cute.   Now Mini is already old enough to wear the dresses!

I hate this picture of me but I love love it of Mini.  I wanted to crop myself out of it but since my hand is holding her waist, then that would be kind of creepy to just have a hand there.

I do love the outfit I’m wearing, though.  I’m not sure if the cardigan washes me out or not, but I love the look and feel of this outfit.  It’s a departure from my jeans and v-neck t-shirts in the past (actually, I wore that yesterday, to be honest.)


Drapey cardigan.  Neutrals.  Prints.  Jeans.  Pop of color in the shoes.  I love this look.

Breezy, colorful.  Hello, Spring.

(shoes are Sonoma (at Kohl’s) in Poppy.  In stores now but I didn’t see them online…I think they are really comfortable and I love the color).

I seem to be more inspired these days to put together an entire outfit, head to toe.  I’ve never been very good at this and I have a looooong way to go, but I’m also learning to go ahead and wear what I like.  Why not?

Mini has always said, “why not?”

Yes, sometimes that attitude can cause you to make a few fashion missteps…

Even Mini needs some guidance…But what’s the harm in trying new things?

This felt daring to me.  Don’t laugh.  I’m new at this.  But why not try a new look?


4 thoughts on “Trying a New Look

  1. You both look adorable. 🙂 (and love the goggles….why not?) I love the drapey cardigan look too, although I’ve never been brave enough to try it (don’t laugh at me either!) 😉

    1. Those safety goggles make a statement, don’t they? Not laughing, my friend. The drapey cardigan is a tricky thing. I’m 5’5 and I have tried on many that were way too long and bulky. I think ideally they look better with skinny jeans but I can’t (nor shouldn’t) go there.

  2. Never knock protective eyewear.

    But seriously…I think you look FAB in all your new combos! I really like the last daring duo, the pop of color in the necklace (and your shoes?), the edgy belt and drapey cards are the best, aren’t they? Good for you (and Mini) for trying new looks. 🙂

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