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Easter Egg Hunt

I am so glad we chose to enroll Max in Farm School this year.  It has been the best thing for both of us and I’m sad to stop and think about it coming to an end in 6 short weeks.

The kids in all the classes dyed Easter eggs for a massive egg hunt today.  I think I overheard correctly that there were more than a thousand eggs, including plastic ones filled with candy.  Brothers and sisters were invited to come and join the fun today and Mini was SO excited.  She and Max had a blast.

As always, it’s such a thrill to find brightly colored eggs hiding in plain view in an open field of grass!

After finding a dozen eggs, Mini ran up to the barn to check in with the Official Egg Counters (who did a fine job, by the way.)

Meanwhile, Max had already been to the barn and back.  He moved at a slightly faster pace.

Let me pause to notice that his pants are suddenly sprouting ankles at the bottom. Now I know why he’s been hungry for two lunches everyday.

Maybe this goat has been doing the same thing.

Max loves these goats.  His class takes care of them each week and he often has a story to tell me when I pick him up from Farm School.  It was really cute to listen to him tell Mini their names.  She was a captive audience (don’t you love the way she’s standing?) and must have thought her big brother was an expert even though she answered “I know!” to everything he said.

She loved feeding them grass.  Lots and lots and lots of grass.

I got such a kick (ha!) out of watching the kids (sorry, I can’t stop) with them.

Such a fun day on the farm!


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