What I’ve Learned so far on Spring Break

I learned that a wild bird (a house sparrow) could sit still in a 9 year old boy’s hand.  I also learned that a 9 year old boy’s hand could sit still.  Amazing.

I learned that when you do a unit study on birds (even a loose unit study where you are just reading/talking/learning about birds and most of the birds you are reading/talking/learning about are in a popular game for your smart phone), super cool things happen when you homeschool.  Like red cardinals you’ve never noticed before hang out on your deck and house sparrows come right up to you in the parking lot and sit in your hand.

Timing is everything.  Max’s friend came over and just knows a lot about birds.  His mom smiled and shook her head, not surprised at all that he would come to our door holding a wild creature in his hand.

Secretly, I do not like birds*.  Or other wild creatures near my front door.  So I stayed behind the camera and played the part of a good homeschool mom from behind the lens.

But I can appreciate the interactive classroom that is happening here on Spring Break 2012.  No books but there’s still a lot of learning.

(we thought the bird was injured but he flew off when he was good and ready.)

*this bird species is known to steal from another birdie’s nest.  Don’t like him.  But it was still fun to learn about him. 🙂


2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned so far on Spring Break

  1. I wanted to let you know that Bed, Bath & Beyond has several boxes of different flavored Angry Bird gummies near their registers. (At least here in Hotlanta – but I figure that most stores carry the same things.) Perfect way to end this unit or maybe appropriate for an Easter basket or hunt.

  2. Awesome picture!

    We have a picture when the girls were younger of holding a similar bird (I think they were called camp robbers). It was early in the morning so there was a ray of sunlight shining down from the sky into their hand as well. They call it “The God Picture.”

    Anna has the same secret you do. Actually, she’s not very quiet about it! 🙂

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