Strike While the Bird is Hot

So, Max is in an Angry Birds phase.  Like obsessed.  So what’s a homeschooling mom supposed to do when those furrowed brow birds take over the kitchen table and become a distraction?  Welcome them to school, that’s what.

We’ve been learning about backyard birds.  Nothing super organized like a lapbook or full-on unit study. (We’re pretty much learning on the fly…hahaha.)  From a few minutes of research online and assigning Max to find books at the library, he already knows more about birds than I ever did in elementary school.

And do you know what God did for us?  The kids set up the birdhouses that they painted last summer at Grandparents Week and a gorgeous red cardinal stopped by to check them out.  He stayed around on our deck long enough for me to get the kids and watch, but not long enough to grab my camera.

Oh well, this next picture only shows the kids smiling.  Imagine the red cardinal on the deck, too. 🙂

Hey wait, there it is on his shirt!  I totally planned that.

We also incorporated Angry Birds into a science experiment.  I googled Angry Birds homeschool ideas online (here’s a helpful link, if you’re interested too).  For Max’s project this week (one thing I’ve learned with him, he needs and wants an assigned project), he made a catapult.  What would be better than making it a game and launching some Angry Birds at a target?

He made his own from jumbo marshmallows, too.  So much fun.  I only assisted with making the target and he needed help wrapping the rubber bands around the pencils, but he did the rest himself.  Great job, kiddo!

Easy to make catapult instructions/video here.


5 thoughts on “Strike While the Bird is Hot

  1. Wow! Anna you are a super awesome mom, and Max is an incredible, creative kid! I love how you made his interest in Angry Birds relevant to learning new things!!!

  2. Way to go! Great ideas to get some educational benefit from an obsession! Guess I need to check those links out.

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