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You Never Know When He’ll Use You

A cool thing happened yesterday.  The kids and I saw an immediate answer to prayer.  As we were leaving the park on a beautiful 70 degree afternoon and walking back to our car, a young mom stopped me on the sidewalk.  I saw panic in her eyes as she asked to borrow my cell phone.  Her two year-old twin boys had locked themselves inside of her small Honda, with her wallet, keys, and phone on the front seat.  They were happily playing, climbing around the seats and fiddling with everything in sight, totally oblivious to the danger surrounding them.

Of course, I was filled with compassion for this mom and while I’m not super duper in any crisis situation (think: total opposite) I asked if I could help.  Right away I saw they weren’t going to respond to my gestures and motions in trying to get one of the boys to climb to the front seat.  It was useless; just to get either one of them to make eye contact with me was hard enough, how would they ever understand to maneuver the lock button in the right direction?

The mom said her husband worked down the street and could get there quickly with a key, but she got his voicemail so she frantically tried again.

Then I saw that one of the little boys had his mommy’s keys with the car remote in his hand.  Something came over me – I don’t usually do this in public – but I bowed my head and bent over and prayed for God to intervene, to quickly come to their rescue before they got scared or hurt.  Oh Lord, please let him hold on to those keys and push the right button on the remote to unlock the car.

As soon as I opened my eyes and looked up, I met his eyes directly.  I made a gesture with my thumb (and probably a goofy facial expression to go along with it).  He mirrored exactly what I was doing and he pushed the right button.  The door unlocked!

It was really exciting to see God answer prayer like that!  They boys were rescued, the mom was overjoyed, and we all cheered.  She asked me how I got him to open the door and I pointed to the sky and said God answered my prayer.  Then we hugged like we were not complete strangers at all.

It was a dramatic answer to prayer and my kids saw this.  They were amazed by God.  It was such a great experience to share with them!  You just never know when God will use you.


14 thoughts on “You Never Know When He’ll Use You

  1. Love it! Isn’t it so cool when God answers our prayers so blatantly – and especially immediately! Praying He will use that moment in that mom’s life again when she needs to know He cares for her. 🙂

  2. Seriously, this made me cry . . . but it might also have been that I was thinking, “How on earth have I let it go this long since I have checked in on this awesome, awesome friend!!!” You rock, Anna!

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