Stories about Emmie

Little Sprouts

My sister sent Mini a planting kit for zinnias, marigolds, and sunflowers.  She loved being a gardener and planting the seeds into the soil.

The pots were placed on her little table by the window and everyday we checked for seedlings.

Look how excited she was when the seeds sprouted today!




4 thoughts on “Little Sprouts

  1. So cute! And I love the princess tattoos on her arms! the other week, they inspired a fun conversation about my tattoo lol. She came to the conclusion that it’s basically permanent marker since it doesn’t wash off in the bathtub 🙂

  2. Oh! Oh! How did I miss this post anna!!! I am so glad she has a fantastic time planting her seeds and watching them sprout! Maddie’s and Savannah’s are doing good, so I know they’ll do great. She can plant them in a pot on your front porch or in the front garden. They will look so great! Congrats Mini!!! Yay for green thumbs! 🙂

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